Sensie Co-hacking Competition

We had an awesome turnout for the Sensie <> Miami Machine Learning Hackathon! It was inspiring to see so many machine learning enthusiasts in the city of Miami!

Mash from the Miami Machine Learning Meetup group did a phenomenal job leading the newcomers through a Microsoft Azure ML crash course while the seasoned ML folks dove in and started hacking the Sensie data set.

Mash did such a great job teaching the newcomers that it was Jorge, a consultant with no prior machine learning experience who produce the best performing ML model. Jorge’s precision score came in at 63% - nice work Jorge! (results →)

The data set we used was one of our oldest data sets and is very “dirty”. We’ve identified several attributes from the dataset that are creating noise in our signal. We feel confident that applying our new trade secretes to the ML techniques that Jorge uncovered will produce better outcomes on our newer datasets and we’re looking forward to putting that into action - keep an eye on this space for more to come soon!

In the meantime, here is a shot from the end of the hackathon event - what a crew!

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